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Providing Free Support for Recruitment and Induction in Health and Social Care in Wales, the West Midlands and the South-West of England

Who Are We?

Empathy Recruitment is a free service supported by a group of training and recruitment companies. Our story is a simple one – we want to give something back to the health and social care sector at a time of national crisis, through helping all types of services with their recruitment and initial training of motivated and knowledgeable staff.

Our Aims:

  • To provide people who have not previously considered health and social care as a career with an insight into working in the sector
  • To provide health and social care employers with applicants who are informed about working in their speciality
  • To ensure a great start for all employees and employers by providing free training in the first year

Our senior management all started their careers within the health and social care sector as a result of being unemployed and looking for different employment options that we had not previously considered. At a time when more people are looking for work and employers are looking for staff, we want to give others the same opportunity to have the fulfilling careers that we have enjoyed

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