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Do you want to work in the healthcare sector?

If you are visiting this website, the chances are that you are considering working in health and social care as a job and as a career.

Maybe you have been seeking work for some time, and the thought of health and social care hasn’t occurred to you before? Possibly the recent pandemic has caused you concern about job security? Perhaps you are entering the employment market as a school or college leaver?

Whatever your reason for visiting this site, our aim is simply to give you an opportunity to “just look” at the sector and find out what sort of jobs are available. We warmly welcome you to attend one of our webinars, which will discuss the nature of support working as a skilled and rewarding profession, with multiple career and specialist opportunities. Please click on the links to the right if you would like to attend a webinar on one of the listed dates.

If you remain interested after the webinar, we offer you the chance for a 1:1 consultation with one of our experienced health and social staff, who can answer any questions you may have about working within the sector, and offer advice about which field of work might be best for you

If you remain interested, and with your permission, we will then match you with interested employers who would like to talk to you.

Finally, if you succeed in gaining an interview with an employer, we will help you prepare by offering you free online courses which will give you information the about employer’s specialist area of care and support 

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Are you interested in becoming a Healthcare Worker?